If A Guy Truly Wants You In His Life, He’ll Do Everything To Pursue You

By. Anuradha

Has he changed from the way he behaved at the beginning of your relationship? Have those earlier constant calls, the goodnight and morning texts, sudden dates and pleasant surprises faded over time? And whenever you question him of these things, he tries to let it pass away with a mere talk?

Well, dear ladies, if you are someone who is constantly worrying over the changes of your partner and tries to console yourself thinking he is just busy or he must be having a bad phase in life or any such lies, then please take a deep breath and admit yourself the truth.

It is always better to get hurt by the truth than being comforted with a lie.

Yeah, it will not be easy for you at all. You would constantly wonder what makes you love him in the first place. The mistake was yours. You were blind by all those fancy talks and fake smiles. You let yourself to be cheated and you did the mistake. But now it is high time for you to correct all those errors and move on.

So, listen to me.

If a man truly wants you, he will do everything in his power to keep you with him. He will face any obstacle and goes through any hardship, just to have you near him and see your smile. He will change all those habits that annoy you and will try his best to be the one you want. If he truly loves you, then he is unstoppable. He will never give up on you.

But, when he doesn’t want you, he will always come up with excuses. He will always have meetings with his clients, he will have family gatherings, he will have guy’s night planned out or else his car would be broken and simply, several things would make him constantly occupied. Everything else in his life would be far more important than going out with you just for an hour or two. So, if this is the case, then that means,

Everything else is really important than you.

If you are his top priority, then he would never send those stupid excuses. He will cancel all the other plans to be with you for sure. If he is really in love with you, he would not have misled you in the first place.

So, don’t be that woman who lets him get away with this. Don’t let him hurt you and move away. Please understand that he is not into you anymore. That is the truth.

So, let him go. He doesn’t deserve someone worthy like you. Respect yourself. Take good care of yourself and when you understand your true value, everything else will happen in better ways!