I Am Finally Moving Away From You Because You Have Never Given Me Any Reason To Stay!

By: Anuradha

Don’t be surprised to hear that you are no more the first person I call whenever something happens, good or bad. I have to wait for hours and hours, days and days thinking you will do something for me, but now I know, it will never be like that. You have never been there with me when I need you the most and you didn’t bother to show up even while knowing that I was waiting for you.

Don’t be surprised to hear that I spend time now with people who care for me instead of you. I have learned that I’ll never find comfort in you. I know I deserve better than how you treat me and now I am treating myself what I truly deserve. In those hard and tough days, you never asked how I feel or you never tried to make me feel okay. It was my friends and family who really worried about me and tried to stand with me in everything. Thanks to them, now I know that I don’t need you.

Don’t be surprised to know that you are no longer included in my plans. You taught me how to create a future without you and now I don’t try to put myself in an illusion. I don’t think you should be there in my plans because you don’t deserve it. I was just an option for you and you were the one who actually made me realize that my life would be much better without you.

Don’t be surprised when I ignore your phone calls and text messages. I know that there is no point in wasting time on you. There were days that I was dying to have a call from you. but now, I am not that silly girl anymore. I know that you don’t deserve my attention or my time. I was fighting for you. I was trying to make things go right between us. But you never had a need for that. You didn’t even like to change your plans to see me or to talk to me. It was always me who change the schedule to see you and it was always me who did sacrifices for us. But no more such stupidity again. 

So, don’t be surprised to see me walking away from you. I am only finding myself again. I know that I deserve better things in life and I don’t want to become invisible in someone else’s eyes again.

Don’t be surprised to know that my once burning passion for you has now turned into ice cold. All my sweet words for you actually taste bitter now.

So, don’t be surprised when I treat you like no one because you are actually no one for me. In my world, you don’t exist anymore and I have zero feelings for you. you destroyed all my feelings and you taught me how to live without you.