A Strong Woman Does Not Beg, She Leaves The Moment She Feels Unvalued

By. Ran

I am sure that all women out there have faced this dating scenario at least once in their lifetime. You meet a guy. He asks you out to grab a coffee. You are more than happy to go on a date with him so you say yes. You two go on a date, and perhaps a second date. It is all fun until you realize that you are falling for this guy big time. You find yourself carving his attention, waiting for his calls and texts. Worst of all, you start to imagine a future with him. And then it happens. He suddenly stops calling and texting.  He stops paying you the attention and just disappears from the face of the earth. You feel heartbroken. Even though you are angry with him, you hope that he will come back and apologize, on a deeper level. But guess what, he does not. You feel like going over and scream at his face, telling him what a pathetic loser he is and what he lost by letting you go.

If you ever feel like this, I beg you, please do not act on your emotions. Do not listen to what your heart says on the moment of emotional overwhelming.  What you do not realize at this point is the fact that he was not that into you in the first place. He did not care enough in the first place. Bombarding him with a million calls and texts will only make you look like a crazy person who is unbelievably clingy in his eyes.

Strong women do not beg. For love or anything. The moment they feel unwanted, they leave, they do not linger around hoping that they will be wanted someday sometime.  Be a strong woman who does not beg, who stands her ground and keeps her head high. I myself have been a woman who used to hold on to men who did not want me. But not anymore. I learned that life is too short to be spent pining over men who do not value the amazing and strong woman I am.

Dear strong and beautiful women, let’s stop with this nonsense. Let’s stop pining over men who do not see us for the amazing women we are. Let’s focus on ourselves and try to be better versions of over selves. After all, there are plenty of fishes in the sea! Let’s not beg to be loved, because strong women do not beg, they leave the moment they feel unwanted.