8 Secrets to Become the Woman No Man Can Leave

By: Anuradha 

Many relationships are like fairy tales at first. When you first begin your affair, you totally pay your attention to your partner and you try to do anything to please him. But with time, when the first ray of attraction fades away, you will not find the initial happiness that was there and that is the time when conflicts begin to rise.

Most of these issues are created not because your partner cheats on you or have lost interest in you. but those issues are the result of improper communication, indifference, and your self-love. When you don’t get a call from him for hours, you will get mad at him in the very next time he calls you. but, why couldn’t you call him and say that you miss him and that you love him a lot? Well, most of the relationships break up because of these petty things.

We expect our partners to come after us and dedicate their whole time and attention for us. Yet, by changing the way that you think you can do miracles in your relationship.

So, here are a few things that you can do to make your relationship a better one and to be the woman that no man will ever like to let go.

1. Keep your cool.

Most men do not like those women who act like mad even for slightest things and who find faults in everything that he does. Always try to be calm and cool. It will not only help you to have a proper outline but also will help you to be a better individual. If you are someone who is constantly dealing with anger, then try to change your attitude and the way that you look at things. You can also try breathing exercises, meditation or yoga.

2. Show your intelligence.

Most men prefer their women to be intelligent. They don’t simply enjoy the looks of women but also their brain. They are aware of the fact that life gets much easy with an intelligent woman and therefore, show your wits and spark a laughter in your relationship.

3. Be honest and Be supportive.

Think how you would feel if he is not honest with you? The same feelings are valid for him too. Even he doesn’t like when you lie and try to pretend with him. Always say the truth no matter how hard it is. That will lay a strong foundation for a life-long relationship.

The biggest gift that any woman can give their man is the support that he needs. Always try to understand who he is and try to be supportive of all the possible circumstances. You can motivate him to reach for his aims and let him know that you will always be there for him no matter how bad things can be.

4. Be affectionate and caring.

Men love to have women who are kind and affectionate. Always be attentive and show that you really care for him. Don’t bother only about what he eats and drinks, but also be attentive about how he feels and always shower him with your love. The more you are intimate with him, more beautiful the life will be.

5. Keep your humor.

The most attractive thing in a woman is her sense of humor and positive attitude in life. Men really like to be around women who are happy and spread positive vibes. Instead of lamenting over what you don’t have. Always be satisfied with what you have and the more you are positive about your life, the more comfortable you will be.

6. Be romantic.

Once the relationship is getting stable, many women ignore the romance and love in their relationship. But it is not something that you should really do. Always flirt with him and don’t be shy to say that you miss him. You can make him his favorite dish and having a nice talk with you on a starry night will be much value for him than anything else in the world.

7. Be confident.

Men love women who are confident about their self. when you are confident about yourself it automatically helps to grow your self-respect and no one will try to humiliate a respectable woman. So, try to be confident about you and about the decisions that you make.

8. Keep the secrets to yourself.

Men love the women who trust him more than anyone else. So, don’t share the little secrets between two of you with everyone. He can surely feel bad when he heard from others your secrets. So, try to make a little world where only two of you are there and the more you trust each other, beautiful the life will be.