Your Intelligence Can Be The Reason Why You Are Single!

By: Anuradha 

People can be single for many reasons. Perhaps, they might not be interested in relationships or they would not have found the right person and sometimes, they can also stay single because they are intelligent.

Yeah, you might wonder how intelligence is connected with relationship status and we are going to tell you how it is actually linked. The mind of highly intelligent people works differently than others and they are not influenced by the same facts that a normal person will be influenced in finding a partner. So, here are the reasons why intelligent people tend to remain single for a long time.

1. Intelligent people know themselves.

Intelligent people have a good self-understanding. They know what they like in life and what they do not like. So, they are really selective and they tend to analyze a person from all the available sides before getting mingled with anyone. They do not do it out of being proud or haughty. But, they just don’t like to have several complications in life and therefore, they take some time to find this right person.

2. Intelligent people have highly specific requirements.

They have a certain way of life which can actually be different from others. They might even be referred to as being weird but it is actually their way of life. So, they take some time to find a person who accept them as they are and who are capable to get adjusted to their way of life.

3. Matching them intellectually is difficult.

Any relationship gets stronger when partners share the same level of thought and intelligence. Both the partners should be equal in intellectual capacity and in their emotional level. intelligent people know this basic about relationships and they take a lot of time to find a person of this capacity. They are not impatient as to complicate their lives with mismatches and therefore, they are really patient in selecting their better halves.

4. Intelligent people get bored easily.

Intelligent people are in constant need of mental stimulation. They have a profound knowledge even on complex issues and therefore, they tend to move from one topic to another as they are efficient in understanding. So, the partner that they are looking for should also have the same ability to engage in conversations and it is not easy to find people like that!

5. Intelligence can be a burden.

Intelligent people are always occupied with something. They are busy engaging in different forums and because of this, their partner might feel that he/she is emotionally detached. So, dealing with them can be really difficult and hard to manage.

6. Intelligent people see through others BS.

Intelligent people are quite capable of analyzing people and hence they are good at understanding other’s emotions and feelings. So, it is very difficult to lie them and cheat them. They can easily see through other people’s BS and they find happiness only in honest and trustworthy people. So, finding someone who is that honest can, of course, be a difficult task.