Either Choose Her Or Leave Her Alone Instead Of Playing Hot And Cold With Her Feelings

By: Anuradha

Don’t hurt a woman by stringing her along.

You might be attracted to her for some reason. That can be her looks, her behavior or maybe because she is sexy, smart and a hell of a woman. You might not essentially love her and might not be prepared to choose her every day in your life. But, having someone like her with you will reflect well on yourself and therefore you will have her just because she is a catch.

If this is the case with you, then please LEAVE HER ALONE.

She is a person and not an object to make you happy.

 You might think that it is fair to be with her and enjoy all that she gives. But, please keep in your mind that she is not an object to keep you happy. Yeah, it is true that every couple would have difficult phases and at such times, everyone would wonder what their life would be with someone else. But, if you feel like this almost all the time despite what your partner offers you, then surely you are not enjoying her company.  

Instead of thinking how beautiful, cool and great she is, you might be always focusing on her faults and never appreciating what she gives you. What you must do in this case is not being with her anymore but leaving her alone and stop hurting her.

When she cries endlessly and get angry even for little things, you might think that she is so dramatic and over-acting. But, have you ever thought that she is acting in that way because she needs you and she needs to make things right between both of you. But, just because you were living in an illusion you might not have noticed any of these things.

So, don’t torture her if you are not prepared to be there for her.

A woman is always ready to give her whole self to the one she loves. Even when she feels that she is not being treated well, she will try her best to cling to that one. That is why she still bear up all that you do to her and love you all the same.

So don’t be an asshole and string her along. Just let her go if you can’t make her happy.