YouTuber Used A Glitter Bomb Trap To Teach A lesson To Package Thief

By: Anuradha

The most awaited season of the year has finally arrived! It’s Christmas and yeah, the season of gifts and happiness is here. This is the time that you spend hours and hours on several shops selecting the best gift for your loved ones and you might bargain and you might travel to the farthest shop just to buy something that your son/daughter/ husband/ wife or any other loved will like to have. So, for me the best thing about Christmas apart from parties and good foods is gifts. Most of us love to have gifts and that feeling when you get when you give something to someone and seeing that one really liked what you gave, can hardly be described by words.

But, what would you feel if a package kept in front of your door is stolen by a passer-by? Well, yes that can be really frustrating and heartbreaking. Even though we think that most people are really nice and cool, there are some who enjoy a lot by stealing other people’s property and stealing particularly the gifts are so common these days. These thieves appear to be like any other ordinary person walking out in the street and therefore, it will not be possible to catch them easily. So, here we are going to tell you about something really cool that will surely make your life much easier.

Mark Rober was really upset when a package kept in front of his door was stolen by a passer-by and he invented this Glitter bomb trap to take revenge from anyone who dares steal his packages. After so much effort he could finally make what he wanted and it seems a huge success as he could actually catch the ones who stole his packages. So, watch the video below and Mark will give you every minute detail of the whole process.