Parrot Falls In Love With Alexa And Making A Shopping List

By: Anuradha

Parrots are lovely and all. But there can also be times where they can be really mischievous and naughty. When Rocco fell in love with the Alexa; a virtual assistant device, Rocco’s owner never thought that life can be that hard for her. Rocco started using Amazon Echo to order everything that it likes to eat and you can imagine what happened I guess!

Rocco is an African Grey parrot and his first home was National Animal Welfare Trust Sanctuary in Berkshire. But they had to leave him out there because he was so good in using blue language which made some of his visitors be really upset. So, he was rehomed and it was at this new place that he found Alexa and fell in love with that.

Rocco’s new owner is a sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski and she said “I have to check the shopping list when I come in from work and cancel all the item’s he has ordered”

The parrot has ordered a whole range of fruits and vegetables including melons, broccoli and raisins and ice cream too! The weird thing is that he has also ordered a light bulb and a kite! Well, we don’t really know the reason for that though.

Rocco does not only buy stuff but he also loves music. He asks Alexa to play his all favorites by King of Leon and Marion says “They chat away to all other all day. Often I come in and there is music playing”.

However, it was found out that Rocco is not the only one who uses Alexa to buy what he wants. Last year another African Grey parrot named London started sending gift boxes to itself and the only difference is that Rocco is more mischievous than London. Rocco even imitated his owner’s voice to get certain things done and yeah, one has to be very cautious when they are around this parrot!

Featured Image Credit: INS News Media