11 Crucial Things That Every Person Needs To Know By The Age Of 30!

By: Anuradha

1. Find a job that you enjoy.

After graduating, you might do several jobs that come on your way. You might shift from job to job moving for the one that offers you the highest salary. But, before 30 you must have a stable job and that should be something that you enjoy and like to do.

2. Learn to cook your signature dish.

You can be someone who doesn’t like cooking or you might be quite good at cooking and love that. But, before 30 you should have a special dish that you can cook better than anyone else and you may add special features to your dish so that you can be confident when some important visitor visits your place.

3. Understand who your true friends are.

You might be surrounded with so many people in your young days. We tend to associate everyone and it is only after some time that we become able to understand who our true friends are. True friends will stay with you in all your good and bad situations and it is important to identify them before 30.

4. Stop telling everyone the details of your personal life.

We tend to say anything and everything with everyone. Sometimes, you might discuss very personal things with your friends and this is not a good thing at all. When you were desperate, you might have felt good after sharing what is bothering you with your friends, but you must keep in your mind that these confidential things can also be used against you.

5. Prioritize correctly.

You might be occupied with several things in your life but, always select what should be prioritized. Don’t ever neglect something that you should have paid more attention because you will regret that at some point in your life.

6. Find money and time for vacation.

We all need some rest. We are not machines to work endlessly and please keep in your mind that all the money and time that you spend on vacation will never be a waste. When you come after a vacation, you will always feel more energetic and you will work better than past days.

7. Get a driver’s license.

When you have a license, you will dream about buying your own vehicle and you will start on making that dream come true. Even if you are not too much into driving, having a license will be very useful to you in emergencies. You don’t have to spend on a driver and you can have your own private vacations too.

8. Provide yourself with extra income.

Even when you have a stable job, try to find some extra source of income as well. You will feel more confident even if some unexpected incident occurs and you will feel more confident in handling any critical situation.

9. Move out of your parent’s house.

We all love to be with our parents. You need not worry about any expenses or about any responsibility and that can be really convenient. But, if you need to grow up like a big man, then you should move out of your parents and find your own place.

10.Learn to give speeches in public.

Everyone can not make public speeches. They fear to do a speech in front of a big crowd and when they get the chance, they always try to hand that over to someone else. But, before 30 overcome this fear because speaking in front of a crowd is a must when you need to move higher from your current position.

11. Find your style.

Before 30, you must have picked your unique style. You should know what suits you best and that will help you to appear more confident when you move out. When you get sudden invitations, you will not panic because you can select the best design for you easily and you would not waste money on unnecessary things.

Bonus: Get yourself in good shape.

It is always good to maintain proper body shape. Don’t eat whatever that comes on your way. Do exercises regularly and eat a healthy diet.