This Is How You Love Someone Unconditionally And Free From Attachment

By: Anuradha

Loving someone unconditionally does not mean that loving someone no matter what happens. When you try to be with someone despite what happens in your relationship, it simply ignoring the faults and good things of your partner. You are attached for that one just for the sake of having a relationship and there is nothing more than that. This is not what we define by loving unconditionally.

When you love someone unconditionally, you would not depend on them for your happiness and fulfillment. You will not ignore your worries, your feelings, and your problems just to please someone and while giving priority to what makes you happy, you will also make space for that other one.

It means taking care of the other person while loving and taking care of yourself. You need to love yourself first in order to love someone else and without knowing the way how to love and cherish your own self, how can you love and cherish someone else?

When you are unconditionally in love with someone, your love will have no boundaries. There will be a great bond between you and your lover and even when that one is not physically around you, you will always feel that love between both of you inside your veins. You will have no boundaries and no limitations and you will understand and value each other’s companionship than anything else.

When you love someone unconditionally, you will accept and love them for who they really are. There will be no need of pretensions and deceits because you both are happy in acknowledging each other’s mistakes and weaknesses and your love will give you both the inspiration to aspire higher in life. You will not try to mold that other person into something that you need that one to be and you will simply enjoy the reality.

When you love someone unconditionally, you don’t judge and criticize them when they make a mistake or get emotional or moody. You will try to understand your lover in a better way without making him/her feel bad and upset about their qualities. You will help that one to overcome the fears instead of being attacked by them.

But, loving someone this way doesn’t mean that you accept everything they do. You will have open conversations with that one when he/she does something to hurt you and you will work together to solve problems rather than trying to pretend with each other.

Your original flame of passions will always be alive and you will enjoy your companionship in a realistic way. 

You will love them free of attachments and you will love them because what you feel is pure and honest.