Max The Cockatoo Finds Out He Is Going To The Vet

By: Anuradha

Can you remember the last day that you had to take your child to the dentist? If your kid is a good one, then he/she would have been willing to come but if not, you might have done all the possible things to make the kid come with you. You might have promised ice creams, chocolates and perhaps, at the end of this drama, you might even have given up and handed over the business to your husband/ wife. However, if you have a pet you would know that the situation with pets is also the same. It is not a secret that pets do not like Vets. You might be taking such pains when you have to take your loved one to the Vet and Max the Cockatoo is not an exception.

Max express his rejection in such a loud tone and speaking to us, his owner said.

“For a little bird, he does have some big attitude. He is just a dramatic boy. He is happy and he is healthy. He is only saying his own bird words, I can only imagine what they mean. It almost sounds like ‘I don’t wanna’ but I have never taught him those words, but he could have put them together himself. He is very smart”.

The little bird tries to hide under the table and chant some gibberish and it is really funny. It is almost as if a little kid refusing to do something that his/her parents are asking and I am sure that you would love this video.

So, if there is anyone out there who can understand what Max is telling, then please make us enlighten about that and until then, we will guess what he is trying to say to the owner!