You’re Going To Disappoint A Lot Of People When You Start Doing The Best For Yourself

By. Anuradha

It is cool to be selfless and think about others but once in a while, you also have to think about yourself and you should start living the life you always wanted to. Sometimes, when you give everything to others and become too selfless, people take you for granted and you will end up with nothing but regrets. That selflessness is only pathetic and tragic. People like narcissists often use these selfless people for their benefit and if you don’t watch carefully, you can end up being their prey.

Sometimes, when you finally decide to do something for yourself and think about your happiness, you will see that coming as a surprise for many. People won’t like to have that version of yourself and they might even get offended or treat you aggressively for being that way.

You might have planned for years to live the kind of life you always wanted to but it may come as a surprise to onlookers. They will no longer be able to control this new you and that will piss them off. You have to constantly remind yourself that being selfish is not always bad and face all their blames and accusations positively. They will try to intimidate you and might try to change you, but remember that you need to think about yourself in the first place before anything.

You should not be ‘sorry’ for any of the decisions that you make and there is no reason why you should be sorry for doing the right thing for yourself.

You should always be number one.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself first before anyone or anything. You have only one life to live and if you try to please others in that one life, you will never get a chance to please yourself and to have things that you wanted to have in your life. When you start working on yourself, you will realize how self-caring is more important and the time and the energy that you spend on yourself will be so much worth than anything. So, don’t ever try to change yourself and please others. Just do what is best for yourself and others will understand with time!