Loving A Woman With A Big Heart And An Overthinking Mind Is Hard But Worth It

By. Ran

#1. She is an over-thinker with the most complex mind.

She makes illusionary scenarios in her mind that have nothing to do with the reality; she worries about them so much. Her mind works non-stop. But the truth is, this is all a defense mechanism. This is how she protects herself.

#2. She appreciates your effort.

We are not talking about expensive gifts here. What she appreciates is your effort. What she wants are simple things; no lavish gifts will satisfy her. She loves little good morning texts, unexpected lines on how much you love her, and surprise visits at work.

#3. She will challenge you.

She won’t be someone else just to please you. She will be herself, no matter what it takes. She will not laugh at all your jokes just so that you will like her. She will challenge you and push you forward so that you achieve your best.

#4. She owns a simple genuine heart.

She has a pure, genuine heart, her love is unconditional and irrevocable. Because of the depth of her love she gets hurt easily.

#5. She is an amazing listener.

She has a good heart that makes her an amazing listener. She also knows that communication is key. She believes that a relationship cannot last if there is no place for proper communication. And that is why you need to talk with her, communicate with her on a regular basis and be a good listener yourself.

#6. She can be difficult to handle.

Let’s be honest. Yes, she is difficult to handle. But once she enters a relationship, she will be yours and only yours. She will be your partner, your confidante, your advisor, your everything.

#7. She will never accept a passionless relationship.

She wants it all. She won’t meet you halfway. She knows what she brings to the table and she knows what she deserves. So she won’t settle for anything less. She wants her relationship to be passionate and worthy of her commitment.

If you have a girl like this, make sure that you never let go because she is one of a kind.