The Best Way To Win With A Narcissist Is Not To Play

By. Anuradha

When we start a relationship with someone we have a lot of hopes about that person. We think that they are the best and we plan our whole future with that person. However, something that you would never imagine at this stage is your partner to be a narcissist. Most of the time, people do not show their real faces at first and it takes time to identify who they are. They will shower you with love, affection, kindness and simply with everything that you ever wanted and you realize their true face only at a very late stage. Then, you might decide to break up but that will not be easy as narcissists won’t ever let you go of you easily.

They will give fake promises and try to win you back not once or twice but so many times. So, here are a few things that you can expect to happen once you break up with a narcissist.

#1. They will demand attention after you’ve left them.

Narcissists will never let you move on easily. They will do everything possible within their realm to gain you back and that is why you should be aware and be cautious of them. You should try your best to avoid them by all means in the first place. They will send hundreds of messages daily, try to enter your house in the middle of the night to ‘take their belongings’ or else if you have children they may say that you need to clear things out just for the sake of kids. But, they only need to gain you back and therefore, you better avoid them as much as possible.

#2. They will promise to change.

Narcissists are good at telling things that they don’t mean. They will tell that they understand the reason for your behaviour and that you can talk and figure everything out. They will try to take responsibility for what they did and suddenly will act so nice and kind for you. So, you might end up believing them and will start putting your faith on them. But, with time you will realize that your narcissist has just been faking and therefore, don’t get mislead by their promises.

#3. The smarter campaign.

He/she knows all about what hurts you the most and they will use this knowledge to insult you and to make you unpopular among your friends. They will tell others what a monster you are and will try to win the empathy of other people. Even in front of a judge, they will not be afraid to fabricate lies and therefore, you should be confident enough to face all these dramas.

#4. They may stalk you.

They will appear either in your grocery store or in a social event that you are likely to come. Perhaps they might schedule their jogging times to correspond to yours and appear unexpectedly in your path. They are doing this intentionally to break your balance and your confidence. They need to win you back and will stalk you to break your emotional balance.

#5. They will get needy.

Even though narcissists appear to be tough and strong they are so needy and they are reluctant to accept their loss. They will try to get your attention by being so needy. Sometimes, they will call you to fix their car or to help them with a report. You may help them but all these meetings are there to win you back and therefore better be cautious about them.

So, be prepared and shake yourself off from narcissistic abuse.