Photographer Captured The Friendship Between A Horse And A Malamute

By. Ran

Photographed by Russian photographer, Svetlana Pisareva these photos speak of a friendship that is unique and mesmerizing at the same time. This is the friendship between a horse and a malamute; the photos depicting the sweetest moments of their friendship are more than adorable and will leave you wanting more.

Image Credit & More Info: Svetlana Pisareva | 500px

#1. This is the duo who have an extraordinary friendship.

#2. They look like they are straight out of a Disney movie, don’t they?

#3. It must be their playtime!

#4. Oh how well they blend with their surroundings, fusing with the snow?

#5. They are surreal and fairytale-like!

#6. I am blessed to have seen these wonderful pictures!

#7. They look like they are having fun playing around in the snow.

#8. Aww… how absolutely adorable are they?