Signs Your Partner Is No Longer In Love

By. Ran

Do you have that one person in your life? The one who you cannot live without? The one who is your soul mate?
If you do, you are lucky. Your life is blessed.

But, no matter how lucky we are, we are bound to have some issues. There will be times where we have to figure out what works and what does not. And if you pay attention, there are little telltale signs that show us stuff. Sometimes, these red flags could mean that your relationship could be coming to an end soon. So, in order to prevent yourself from acting drastically, stunned and not knowing what to do, it is better to be alert regarding stuff like this.

#1. Sudden Personality Changes.

There may be times in your relationship where your partner adapts certain behavioral traits that you would never even associate them with. Sometimes, these changes are good for your partner and your relationship. But, there are times when such changes are foreshadows of what is to come. For instance, these changes could mean that they are looking to please someone else’s needs before yours.

It is crucial that you talk with your partner about such changes and why they are changing in such a way. Also, if you can, see if they are willing to get you into them so that you both can have common interests.

#2. Less Affectionate.

If you partner does not like to touch you, caress you, hold you, and refuses any kind of physical contact and to be a part of your life, you have reason to worry. This can be a strong indication that they are going to leave you.
You need to communicate with them immediately and discuss what makes them happy and what does not. This is the only way you can make your relationship work.

#3. Unwilling To Communicate.

If you’ve noticed that your partner is not communicating, that they have reduced talking as much as they did earlier, then your relationship may be in a critical condition. You need to understand why they are not willing to talk to you anymore. If they refuse to be in the same place, or if there is no getting around trying to be honest, understanding, willing to cooperate, you might wanna reconsider your own actions at this point.

#4. No Longer Spends Time Together.

If your partner no longer spends time with you, it may be because of friends, family or any other innocent reason. However, if they are deliberately avoiding you, then you need to talk. See if they are avoiding you and spending time with others instead. If so, you need to talk with them immediately. The answer might be tough to hear, but at least you will know why they no longer want to be with you, why they avoid you.

All these red flags should be dealt with in a calm manner. You should not be drastic about them. Keep in mind that you are trying to make your relationship work, not end it.