7 Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Seek The Approval Of Others

By. Anuradha

You can be someone who is very much conscious of other’s opinions about you. You will dress, you will talk and you will do everything to please others but at the end of the day, you will have nothing but regrets and worries. You won’t feel happy or satisfied as you cannot please everyone around you at any time. So, here are some reasons why you should stop seeking the approval of others.

#1. You waste valuable energy.

It is not worth to spend your time and energy in taking the approval of others. Everyone around you is having different ideas and different beliefs and it is not easy to please them all. So, stop wasting your energy on people and situations that are not worth at all.

#2. It’s impossible to please everyone.

Most importantly you don’t have to do it as well. Everyone else should not be on your side all the time and even if you try to be perfect, you will see someone pointing a mistake at any time. So, why take trouble in pleasing everyone?

#3. Everything in your life is up to you.

You are the one who is going to face the consequences of all your actions. You are the one who knows what you like and dislike. Others cannot determine your life because most people do not even know what to do with their lives. So, do you need other people’s approval?

#4. You may stop following your dreams.

Sometimes, you tend to give up on your dreams and passions just because others don’t like it. But always keep in mind that the right kind of people will never stop you from going after your dreams. So, do not let other people determine your fate.

#5. You get to reconnect with yourself.

You are the best judge you can ever have. No one else knows about you as much as yourself. So, try to reconnect with yourself first. It will help you to clarify all your doubts and step on your way with confidence. As long as you remain true to yourself, nothing will go wrong and everything will be successful.

#6. You will finally feel free.

When you stop bothering about others, you will see how happy and free you can be. You will feel confident about yourself and you will start loving yourself for who you are. You are the master of yourself and you will feel complete and free.

#7. You will no longer waste your time.

You will spend time quite uselessly when you try to take everyone’s approval. But when you don’t care about that you will see that your life is more focused and organized. You will no longer waste your time as you don’t care about others and your life will be beautiful when you start investing time on yourself.