Baby Bunnies Think This Golden Retriever Is Their Mother, The Dog Happily Takes Responsibility

By. Anuradha

Mothers are the ones who are filled with genuine instincts of love and kindness towards others. We often hear stories of moms who look after and care for children they didn’t even give birth to. However, their hearts are filled with love and they treat these children as their own.

We heard the heart-whelming story of a golden retriever who became a mom to four little bunnies and thought of sharing this story with all dog lovers.

Image Credit & More Info: This is Bailey

Bailey is an adorable Golden Retriever who is her mom’s pet. However, the family also decided to adopt four little bunnies and they were rather baffled by how Bailey reacted to the newcomers. But proving to be the adorable dog she is, Bailey decided not only to welcome the little bunnies but also to become a surrogate mom to them.

These four bunnies who were just 22 days old by then were rather overwhelmed by the love given by this big lady and started to consider her as their mom. They threw their arms at her and gave wet kisses to her with their tiny noses and it was just so adorable!

The family who was afraid at first that Bailey would not welcome these newcomers became so happy seeing how they interacted with each other. As we all know, dogs are social animals and they love to spend time with others. However, the beauty of the story lies in the fact that these animals are from two different species. This story clearly shows how pure animal friendships are and even though we think that humans are advanced, animals seem far better than us in diverse ways.

We also found this beautiful video of Bailey with the new bunnies and when considering how golden retrievers and bunnies naturally are, you can imagine how adorable they look together!

So, scroll down to see this beautiful video and do not forget to share your thoughts about this adorable story with us!