Man Spotted Feeding A Kitten On Subway: Kindness Makes World Beautiful

By. Anuradha

We are constantly hearing of heart-breaking stories about humans’ cruelty towards animals. Sometimes, they leave innocent puppies on the roadside or abandon kittens and it is heart-shattering to hear about those stories. However, once in a while we also get to hear about beautiful stories where humans show extreme kindness to animals.

When Gillian Rogers was riding the New York City subway, she was astonished to see a young man showing extreme kindness to a little kitten. At first, this man seemed like any other young man but a careful observation proved that the orange towel on his lap was not just a piece of cloth but a cloth that he used to wrap the little kitten.

Image Credit & More Info: Gillian Rogers

Rogers who is also the founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc was deeply impressed by this kindness and she shared this encounter online which soon went viral. Speaking to us she mentioned,

“He was bottle-feeding her. You could see the caring. My heart felt like it was going to explode to see someone with that much caring. He was so in the moment.”

Then she approached him to inquire about the whole story behind this scene.

“We had a chat,” she said. “He told me he’d found the kitten alone between two buildings. The kitten was looking up at him as he fed her,” Rogers said. “It was so heartwarming. I told him, ‘Thank you.’”

It is indeed these kind of rare acts of kindness that restore our faith in humanity and we hope that this story will inspire others to be equally kind and humane not only towards humans but also towards all kinds of living beings who need help.

Rogers also mentioned that,

“It was truly a special moment. When I got off the train, I felt like I was walking on air. I felt joyful — like, it renewed my faith in humanity. There are still decent people out there.”

So, do share this story among everyone and let them also be inspired to be kind and nice to the ones who need help.