Dog Used To Guards Family’s Bread Whenever They Leave The House

By. Anuradha

Dogs are known for being guardians. They are brave enough to fight any enemy that threatens their masters and that is one reason why our ancestors used to keep a dog with them. However, these days dogs have become more of a domestic animal and most people keep a dog as a pet.

When Jackie was brought to Katrina Frank’s house, she also wanted nothing out of him but to give him more than enough love. However, Jackie being the rottweiler he is, decided to show his gratefulness by protecting the family treasures and by treasure, we mean the ‘family’s bread’!

Image Credit & More Info: Katrina Frank

No one at home knows why Jackie thought that the most valuable thing in the house was the loaves of bread, but since four years ago, Jackie was in the habit of protecting the family bread whenever the family members were out of the house.

Katrina Frank; Jackey’s owner mentioned that,

“She started this four years ago when we moved to our farm. Every time we would leave she would hide the bread.”

“We have a bread box so she likes to hop up and pull it out of there,” Katrina said. “If I leave it in the pantry instead, she nudges the door open and gets it out. I’ve put it in the refrigerator before and she has opened the door to get to it. I’m assuming because we use it so often, she believes it is the most important thing in our house. I can put the bread anywhere-counter, breadbox, pantry, fridge – and she will find it and protect it anytime we leave. She likes to put it behind the couch and lay by it. Otherwise, [she puts it in] the closet in my bedroom,” Katrina added.

However, when they run out of bread, Jackey moves on to protect other baked stuff.

“If I’m out of bread, she moves on to baked goods,” Katrina said. “Once she took a Tupperware of cookies off the counter and hid all 17 individually without breaking any. She led me to all of them.”

The most important thing is that Jackey has never taken even a single bite out of it and she seems to be determined on fulfilling her task at a perfect level!