Your Parents Are The Best Gifts You Ever Had

By. Ran

9 Things Your Parents Never Told You.

#1. They shed tears for you more times than they can count.

When you were born they shed tears. On your first day of school, on the day you went off to college, on the day you got married they shed tears. You cannot imagine how much they have cared for you. They will always be happy to see your accomplishments.

#2. They made greater sacrifices than you could ever know.

From spending the night awake when you were sick to giving up their career, your parents made a lot of sacrifices that you could never know. And the most important part is, they never told you what they sacrificed for the sake of you. They never expect anything in return.

#3. They were pretty much constantly worried for you.

It is their fulltime job to worry about you. Even when you are a successful adult they keep worrying about you. That is just how parents are.

#4. You caused them pain, but they love you anyway.

There is no one in their life that has caused as much pain as you have. But they love you anyway. You will never hear them complaining.

#5. They’re not perfect.

As you grow older you realize that your parents are not perfect. And that is okay. When you become a parent you won’t be perfect either. But you will be strong enough to face everything that comes your way.

#6. They love to just look at you.

You are their best creation, their pride, their joy. They will never get bored staring at you.

#7. They hated to hear you cry.

They always want you to be happy. They hate to hear you cry and that is why they do everything in their power to make you happy.

#8. Letting you go was a terrible loss for them.

Letting you go was their worst nightmare, the day it became a reality was the worst day of their lives. Even though they know that they needed to let you go, they always regret doing so at some level.

#9. They’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

No matter how much it hurts, they would do it all again.