Things Change When You Fall In Love With A Strong And Independent Woman

By. Ran

She is not like most of the women you meet. She does not depend on anyone, she can take care of herself, and she is the epitome of independence. She has built walls around her heart higher than the highest skyscraper. And only a genuine person can get through. Only someone worthy can see her at her most vulnerable.

She built these walls to protect herself, she has been hurt many times. She has been wounded by many. And that is why she refuses to let anyone un-worthy in now.

Do you know what it means to be in love with a strong, independent woman?

It means that you have to put so much effort into letting her know that she can trust you. It means having patience, it means waiting for her to trust you. It means making her needs your top priority, taking care of her soul.

If you want to truly connect with her soul, you need to comprehend her that she is not like everyone else. She won’t share her innermost self with you the first time you meet her. She won’t trust you until she is absolutely sure that she can because letting someone in her world is something she thinks about once, twice and thrice.

She is wild, stubborn and self-willed.  If you really love her, you will have to deal with this. She has been on her own for too long now and she is not used to this. After some time, strong people become totally comfortable with being alone with themselves, and so does she.

However, even if she acts distant and untouchable, she sometimes needs somebody to come save her. So if you willing to be that person, show her that you are. Don’t hesitate.

One thing is sure, it won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.

She has been on her own and loving her won’t be a bed of roses. But once she lets you into her soul, you will see that it is totally worth it. When she loves, she loves with everything she has. With every cell of her body, with every breath she takes.

You just need to be patient with her, let her take her time. Show her that you care and that you are willing to wait. Be the savior she doesn’t know she wants.