We Have To Leave Our Comfort Zones In Order To Grow In Life

By. Anuradha

A universal truth about all of us humans is that we treasure and value the things that are most dear to us. When we get attached to people, to places, and things, we always want them to be with us and never like to part with them. No matter whether it is a person or a materialistic thing or a situation, we love to have closer affinities with them and we feel much comfortable and relaxed around them. 

However, life will not always gift us with the things we love. There will inevitably be changes and losses as nothing can last forever and all things get subjected to death and decay. Even if they do not get separated from you due to natural causes, sometimes, moving out of your comfort zone and embracing the unknown beyond is necessary for your personal growth.

You can never grow as long as you are willing to change. You should realize that life will not always give you rosy things and you have to face the consequences of dealing with hard and tough situations as well. You should know that most of the successful journeys are adorned with hardships, difficulties and pains and worries. You have to give things up to make space for the things which are better and more valuable. Sometimes, you may have to leave a well-paid job just to pursue a career that you are passionate about. Even though it might be quite scary and tiresome at first, you will be rewarded for all your tears and sweat at some point in your life and then you would realize the value of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Once, you realize the strength and the pride of your decision and once you feel how empowered you are by facing the risks, you will never be afraid to leave your comfort zone and that will be the day that you feel the bliss of giving up the easy and fancy comfort zone.

So, take courage and step out of your cosy comfort zone. The world might be scary out there, but it would be worth to try it out!