9 Things An Alpha Woman Doesn’t Tolerate In A Relationship

By. Ran

Alpha women are some of the most interesting creatures on planet earth. They are tough, and hardcore on the surface but soft and sensitive. However, this does not mean that they won’t fight back.

You won’t find enough adjectives to describe an alpha woman. She is fierce and embraces her fierceness with confidence. Most of them became mature at a very young age since life threw a lot of tough times at them. They have strong minds and they want what they want. In every aspect of their life. So naturally, when it comes to relationships, they know what they want in a partner. She wants a partner who will push her forward, who will not be intimidated by her goals in life.

Here are 10 things almost every alpha woman refuses to tolerate:


They have respect for themselves. She knows her value and does not settle for anything lesser than what she deserves. And if you won’t respect her she will leave without blinking.


Independence is important to them.  If she feels like the relationship is going to be too codependent, she will do anything to break free. You cannot control an alpha woman; she will not be controlled.


She needs a partner who is reliable. So keeping true to your words is very important. There is nothing that hurts more than being with someone who does not keep up to their end of the bargain.


There is nothing to talk about this. If you cheat on her, she will never even look at you again. There never will be a valid reason for cheating. If you want to explore other people, be straight up about it, she will be able to view it from all angles and give you her honest answer.


They appreciate honesty no matter how blunt it is. So tell her the truth straight up and she will be willing to see things. She does not have time for sugar-coated lies and sweet-talking.


This is not to say that she needs a partner to show how to do things. No, she wants a partner who will stand by her side through everything she goes through. She needs a partner who will encourage her to move forward in life.


She can notice a manipulator when she sees one. So do not try to manipulate her into anything. You don’t want to be around when she is about to give you a piece of her mind.


If you have an attitude and think that you are better than others, you have chosen the wrong partner to be with. So kindly show yourself to the door.


If she finds herself in a situation where you are abusing her emotionally, she will not hesitate to confront you about it. She will not remain silent about such things.

So if you are dating an alpha woman make sure that you respect her, and that you never overstep her boundaries.