If You Really Want To Be Trusted, Be Honest

By. Anuradha

None of us like to be cheated on. We all love honesty and trustworthiness. Nevertheless, we don’t act the same towards other people who are around us. You might wear a masked face and maintain a fake personality at your workplace, with your friends and maybe outside your home. So, is it fair to expect that others will be honest and true to you while you cheat them?

This is called authenticity. We know with all kinds of judgemental people around us, it might not be easy to show your real face and real feelings to the world. You have to be safe and you have to maintain your standards. That is perfectly normal and we all do that.

However, if you want to be trusted, you have to be honest.

You have to be true to the words you speak, true to your actions. That is what we call as being an authentic personality. When you are an authentic person, you would not worry about how you look in a picture or of what you say in your ‘about’ section on Facebook. Because you are not maintaining a fake profile and all that you do and say reflects your true self. If someone does not like the way you act and try to change your behaviors, that means that a person does not like the real you and what you have to do is to stop trying to change or be fake, but distance yourself from that person who does not value you.

Embrace your likes, your dislikes, your feelings, and emotions and be true to yourself. When you are free and guilty of nothing, you will see how comfortable and happy you can be. We know this kind of honesty might make you vulnerable but at the same time, if you have the confidence and courage, you will be able to face any kind of obstacle that comes on your way.

So, try to be an authentic person and you will see how people around you also trust you and try to be honest with you. They will look up to you to make their lives better and you will forever be known as someone who can always be trusted!