Young Boy Spent 2 Years Growing His Hair To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

By: Anuradha

Even though we talk daily about how humanity within people is getting disappeared, still there are some humans who restore our faith in goodness. No matter whether you are young, old, rich or poor, if you have the will to do something good for others, you will surely find a mean for that and this 8-year-old boy can be taken as an example for that.

Thomas Moore, our hearo of the story saw his mom watching a video on Facebook about a girl who had lost her hair to cancer. When he saw that, he needed to do something for the girl and he had an idea. He started to grow his hair for the kids who had lost theirs for chemotherapy and for two whole years, he let it grow.

He treated his hair well and as a result, at the end of two years, he had a pretty impulsive amount of hair which was used to make not two wigs but three. When it was finally cut down, his aunt, Amber Ray posted a before and after picture of the boy on Twitter and since then, it has been shared more than 57k times and liked by more than 110k people.

Little Thomas Moore has taught a good lesson to the whole world by proving that age, race or any other factor do not really matter when you want to do something good to humankind. You might have seen several incidents where people helped others and you might have thought that since you are not that rich you cannot do such things. But, the truth is that if you really have the will, you can do anything and the story of this little boy will be a good example of that. 

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Thomas Moore before and after cutting his hair.

He started growing his hair after he was moved by a Facebook video about a girl with cancer.

So, that’s what he did for the whole two years.

He didn’t stop at all.

He grew a pretty amount of hair.

Look how long it was!

In the end, his hair was enough to make three wigs.

His aunt, Amber Ray shared the story on Twitter.

Steve Harvey welcomes 10-year-old Thomas, who spent two years growing out his hair for a very special purpose.