21 Magnificent Sculptures That Took Our Breath Away

By: Anuradha

The human mind is a beautiful thing. it can produce things which have never been created before and the main reason why we are having a developed world is the power of the human mind. Many of the greatest inventions of the world have once been just mere ideas and if human imagination was not that powerful, then we would not be able to enjoy many of the comforts that we are experiencing now.

Art and craft are important aspects of society that showcase the power of the human mind. A piece of art can speak of many things and the way that each of us understands and feels it can be different from one another. Research suggests that our brain naturally feels pleasure when it sees art and that effect is similar to the feeling that you get when you are in love. It will divert your thoughts away from the things that pressurize you and will give you a sense of relaxation.

So, here we have a collection of sculptures that will surely give you a lot to think. Some of them seem amazing and you might even wonder for hours about how they were created. They look very much alive and there is no doubt that these sculptors should be inherently talented to create these sorts of amazing creations.

So, scroll down to see some of the best sculptures around the world and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

#1. The mermaid in silver. ArtParks International

#2. Each of these was created form hundreds of wires. –Nadia Zubareva

#3. Even her veil is made out of stone! –Shhewitt / Wikimedia Commons

#4. All of these were made out of wood. – Tom Eckert / Tom Eckert

#5. An XXI century Buddha. –albemarlegallery

#6. Trust me, this is not water! –annaluboeretto

#7. The frock. –malgorzata_chodakowska

#8. The lady who carries the weight of the ocean on her shoulders. – Jason deCaires Taylor

#9. A wood carving. –Debra Bernier

#10. You can see right through him. architecture_or

#11. Everyone needs support in their lives. –kristenmarienichols

#12. A grandma made out of clay. –mitartgar

#13. Does this make you think of another work of art? –Shaffer Fine Art Gallery

#14. Prepare to warm your heart. –Lucio Oliveri

#15. The shadow of Michael Jackson. – artgalleryvoute

#16. Development of human life. – AFP / East News

#17. Face in the middle of a huge landscape. –Taobao

#18. Freedom. – cliffschic

#19. The goldfish is missing! – dylanmartinez

#20. No doubt physics plays a role here! –Graca Cunha

#21. digital art. – chadknight

Bonus: Welcome to 2090. – chadknight