Foreign Student Hospitalized In China Gets A Note About His Surgery From A Nurse Who Doesn’t Speak English

By: Anuradha

Language plays a big role in communication. When talking with foreign people, it is important to have a common language between both the parties to understand what they are saying and also to transfer our messages clearly. But, when you have someone who doesn’t speak any of the languages that you know and when you badly need that person to understand you, then, of course, you will have a hard time.

However, even though communication errors can happen at any place, having such at a hospital is not funny. If you are the patient, then you have to understand each and everything that doctors and other medical people are telling you and you should also be able to tell them what exactly is wrong with you.

An international student was hospitalized in China and fell under the care of a nurse who didn’t speak English. However, the nurse wanted her patient to understand everything she said and she found a creative way to deliver her message. She wrote a note with few graphics and even though the message she wanted to convey could easily be understood, it was also really funny as several interpretations could be drawn out of it.

A Reddit user under the name of WaspDog, uploaded the note and internet users went wild. It is truly obvious that she wanted to say the patient is having a surgery tomorrow and tonight after 10.00 pm they cannot have either food or water. But, of course, that didn’t stop people from coming up with hilarious interpretations. They created several interpretations out of the drawings and some of them are really hilarious. So scroll down to see the funny meanings created by users and maybe you can create one of your own as well!  

#1 – By Frostdynamite

#2 – By Chris Boon

#3 – By Admiral_Nowhere

#4 – By Luminox

#5 – By Error_101_

#6 – By Vincent Brochu

#7 – By 69macncheese69

#8 – By geeksabre

#9 – By panda_ae86

#10 – By radiantwave

#11 – By Ahhr Jhei

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