21 Powerful Illustrations That Show the Harsh Truths of Our Life

By: Anuradha

We all are trapped in a certain system. We wake up according to an hour that is decided by general mass. We do our daily routine according to an order created by ourselves and at the end of the day, no matter whether we are happy or sad, we have to get ready to face the same routine in the next day. Even without our knowledge, we all have turned into becoming machinery and if you give it real thought, you would see that you are actually living a lie that you have created by yourself.

We have become slaves to money by our own will. Just to maintain a good social profile, we are facing so many hardships in order to meet the standards set aside by society and the sad truth is that it is not easy to step out of these boundaries. We are thinking inside a box and most of us are reluctant to step out of that as we fear whether we would be accepted by others if we step out.

Illustrator John Holcroft, speaks about these truths through his works. He uses humor, irony, and simplicity of his images to talk about many things hidden in society and when you look at these pictures deeply, you would have many things to talk about. We do not ask you to change the world around you. but, just think about the reality of many things around you and be wise in all the decisions that you take!

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#1. Do you save your money or do they use us?

#2. Can each person’s stupidity be justified through ‘likes’?

#3. The modern entrapment.

#4. More junk foods = more troubles.

#5. The so-called education.

#6. When power rules over the intelligence.

#7. The beginning of everything.

#8. Bonus aspires while true labor degenerates.

#9. Eat more burghers.

#10. Let them pit all trash to our heads.

#11. When everything is sealed.

#12. When you live according to social ideals.

#13. The system.

#14. Blame always goes to the weak one.

#15. Appearance VS Reality.

#16. Reality.

#17. When money rules everything.

#18. Entrapment.

#19. Time flies.

#20. Money is needed for everything.

#21. Modern day love stories.

# Bonus.