Yana, The Two-Faced Cat Who Looks Like Her Parents Ran Out Of Ink

By. Anuradha

None of us like to be with two-faced people in our lives. They will never show their true colors to you and there is a high possibility for you to be always cheated on by them. So, whenever someone mentions a two-faced person, you will simply wish to stay away from them. However, there can be some exceptions where being two-faced is not really bad! Well, we won’t talk about two-faced humans here but about a two-faced cat!

Yana is a cute kitty who has created such an uproar on the internet these days. She is a chimeric kitten with two colors on her face and you will surely look at her more than twice just to make sure you saw the right thing when you see her for the first time.

Image Credit & More Info: instagram

Even though the colors have blended smoothly giving Yana such an adorable look, her condition is actually known as a Chimera. It is a rare natural occurrence whereby an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs.

They have somehow got united and created a single organism with two different forms of DNA! Even though it sounds weird, we are quite happy about the wonders of these biological functions as Yana is absolutely adorable and you cannot simply stop loving her for her cuteness!

Yana lives in Orsha, Belarus with her owner Elizabeth. She is quite a superstar and in her Instagram account, she has over 90,000 followers. You can see the happy kitty posing in several different ways in her pictures and if you are a cat lover, you will surely enjoy looking at all those beautiful pictures. So, here we have some of the images taken from her account and you can scroll down to see how adorable Yana is!

Colors blended in harmony!

Look at the cuteness!

Which is more picturesque? The cat or the background?

Sleeping mode on.

The beauty!

It is a cat! The cuteness!