Not Everyone Who Is Nice To You Is Your True Friend

By. Ran

People come into our lives for different reasons. Some come into our lives to become the ones closest to our hearts. To become the life-long friends that we cherish always. Some people come into our lives to teach us the most important lessons in life. They teach us that not everyone we meet is a friend, that not everyone we meet wants the best for us.

Some people that come to our life pretend to be friends when in actuality they are not. Their masquerade is so good that it is often very hard to find out that they are pretending.  They hide behind the mask of loyal good friends. In the meantime, they root for our failure.

Even though it may seem different, it is not impossible. Yes, you can tell a fake friend. You can tell the one who is pretending to be your friend while secretly waiting for your downfall.


It is pretty simple.

A fake friend cannot do what a real friend can.

#1. Real friends keep in touch.

Real friends are genuinely interested in your life. They wanna know what is going on. Fake friends just do not care what you are doing or how you are doing. You can sense the lack of concern in the way they talk. You can feel it. While a real friend calls you just to listen to your voice, a fake friend calls you only to ask for a favor.

#2. They are very careful with your secrets.

A real friend is always careful about your secrets. They guard your secrets with their life. No matter what happens, they will not slip it out. But fake friends are not like that. They will promise you to keep the secrets to themselves and listen to it. And the minute you turn your head away, they will tell it to someone else. 

#3. They always have time for you.

Real friends are there for you always. When you need them, they are there, no questions asked. Even when they are busy, they have time for us. A fake friend, however, won’t be there when you need them. They will always have an excuse. They will only be there to celebrate your success.

#4. They accept and love you for who you really are.

Real friends love you for the person you are. They know you inside out and still choose to love you. They know all your dark secrets and messy chaos but still love you. This is something a fake friend can never do.

#5. They encourage you unconditionally.

Real friends are always there to support you, to pick you up, to encourage you to move forward, what fake friends do is the exact opposite of this. They push you down, make you feel worthless and make you doubt yourself. So, this is how you find fake and real friends in your life. Life is all about how you create it and having real friends around you will make it so much easier.