Move On From Anyone Who Does Not Love You The Way You Deserve To Be Loved

By. Anuradha

It is not easy to find someone who matches our soul. The way we think, the way we behave and simply the way we live is different from each other and out of everyone else in the world, if you feel that someone is special and rings along with your lines, you will do everything to have that person. You will think that he is the one for you and you will spend all your living moments thinking about that one person. Sometimes, one fine day you will also get the chance to talk with that one and maybe you will end up loving each other. After sometimes, perhaps you would notice that things are not happening the way you wanted and your lover is not the same person. So, at that time you would have to make a decision about yourselves.

It is truly not easy to let go of someone that we love. We have planned everything with that person and when we finally realize what we thought of that one is not right, we will be too attached to that person and we will not want to let him go. But, it is always better to leave someone if you ever feel that you are not being loved in the way you deserve. You may think it is selfish to think like that, but the truth is we need to love and appreciate ourselves first and if we can do that only, we can love and appreciate the ones around us as well.

So, stop begging people who never waste a thought on you. You don’t want to go after anyone and you deserve so much better things in your life. You might make everyone else the priority whereas you always come last in their line. So, don’t do that anymore. You are worth more than you think and therefore, you need not beg or go after someone who does not deserve such attention.

The truth is that everyone is not for you and you are not there for everyone. You need not stay there for a person who never gives a thought about you. When you understand that your plate is not being served right, never hesitate! Decide to leave and you will never regret that. The right person will come to your life at the right time and don’t invest yourself in a person who is not the one for you.

Remember, what matters is how happy and content you are in a relationship and if your man is only making you cry every night, then you don’t need special brains to understand that he is not the one for you. So, keep in your mind you always deserve the best and always try to ditch the ones who are not going to let you have that special place!