Tired Bumblebees That Fell Asleep Inside Flowers With Pollen On Their Butts

By. Ran

Usually, when someone talks about bumblebees, ‘butt’ is not the first word that comes to their mind. In fact, they are generally associated with pollen, honey and maybe bustly sound they make. It turns out they have adorable butts too! And their butts are worth taking a look at!

Bumblebees are not that different from humans. They get tired trying to earn their daily meal, just like we do. While they are looking for nectar, they get tired. And you know what they do? They simply fall asleep! It does not matter where there are. They just fall asleep! And the pictures of bumblebees asleep are more than adorable!

When they fall asleep, there is no distinct position they follow. They fall asleep in the most random position possible. Sometimes inside the flower, sometimes with their butts sticking out from a flower and sometimes with pollen on their butts! No matter what position they fall asleep in, they are all adorable.

And we have compiled a collection of the most adorable pictures of bumblebees falling asleep in flowers. Scroll down to get your daily dose of cuteness. You will not be disappointed, trust me!  

#1. Butt sticking out of a rosebud.

#2. Look at that pollen on that booty!

#3. It looks like its hands.

#4. Another cute bumblebee butt.

#5. These colors are so pretty.

#6. I almost did not see the bumble in this picture!

#7. Now I see the bumblebee!

#8. Captured mid-dive!

#9. I gotta go to the middle of the flower.

#10. Pollen looks like pixie dust!

#11. Cutest spider-looking bumblebee you will see today!

#12. Aww, how cute is this?

#13. And here is a closeup!

#14. Covered in pixie dust.

#15. Pretty flower! Pretty bumblebee!

#16. It looks like its face!

#17. Straight out of a Disney movie.

So what do you think? Aren’t they cute? Wish I had bumblebees in my garden so that I could spend the entire day looking at these cute bumblebee butts!

Ps: We do not own any of these images. All the image credits goes to the original photographers. Please contact us for any means necessary.