Woman Put A Water Fountain With A Camera In Her Yard And Capture The Visitors

Jennifer George from San Diego County decided to install a camera in her water fountain in order to identify the animals that visited her fountain to quench their thirst or have a dip in the water. Her idea was absolutely amazing and the results were certainly worth it. Have a look at the images captured by her hidden camera and prepare to be blown away.

#1. Casually strolling towards the fountain for a sip of water.

#2. When you consider yourself to be a fancy wolf who wants to drink water from a fountain.

#3. Thought I would come for a swim since it is a rather hot day.

#4. When you get thirsty in the middle of the night.

#5. Nothing much to see here, just two coyotes quenching their thirst.

#6. The fountain looks like it is inviting me for a swim.

#7. Looking from the corner of your eye to make sure no one saw you drinking water from the fountain.

#8. Aren’t I majestic?

#9. When a skunk decided to pay the water fountain a visit.

#10. This coyote was definitely very thirsty.

#11. Landing on the edge of the fountain like a pro.

#12. Birds are undoubtedly fans of water fountains, and what better proof do you need?

#13. Look at this cutie.

#14. Deciding whether to drink some water or dive into the water.

#15. Enjoying the view of the fountain before having a sip of water.

#16. I dare you to spot me if you can.

#17. When it is 100 degrees outside and you decide to enjoy a cold bath.

#18. Licking that water like.

#19. Look at me, I just landed on a fountain.

#20. That one visitor that visits you at night.

#21. I am fascinated with this object filled with water.

#22. Looking around cautiously to make sure no one is around before approaching the fountain.

#23. A sight for sore eyes.

#24. When the animals decide to have a pool party.

#25. Standing there like I own the fountain.

#26. Enjoying some cold water on a sunny day.

#27. Found this new pool to chill out in.

#28. When a crow decided to pay a visit to the fountain.

#29. Just staring at a rock while I enjoy some water.

#30. Midnight water-drinking sessions featuring the coyote.

Image Credit & More Info; JenniferGeorge/Instagram | tiktok