Miner Documented The Wild Foxes In The Arctic Circle

Ivan Kislov is a Russian who works as a miner in Chukotka. He is an individual that utilizes his work breaks in an interesting manner. During his intervals, he photographs adorable images of foxes and uploads them online. To Ivan, photography is a relaxation from his routine. He also enjoys hikes, rafting, and walking tours that enable him to observe wildlife.

Ivan perceives foxes as natural models because they are curious and come near humans. He uses wide angle and telephoto lenses to capture these stunning images. Hope you enjoy his newest work.

#1. All curled up to keep me warm in this cold weather.

#2. Enjoying the soft breeze against my skin.

#3. A few minutes before the ice freezes me.

#4. When your mother tells you that you can’t go out with your friends and you give her this look.

#5. Sunbathing with hopes of getting a tanned coat.

#6. When your girlfriend is mad at you and you try to make it up to her by giving her a kiss on the cheek.

#7. This fox appears to be half-asleep with its half-opened eyes.

#8. The look your mother gives you when you are about to do something stupid.

#9. A picture worth being featured on a calendar.

#10. Soulful eyes that are sure to melt your heart.

#11. Spending time with your loved ones is a must.

#12. How stunning is it to see these color shades blending in perfect harmony with one another?

#13. When you are too shy and attempt to hide behind your friend’s tail.

#14. The cold weather makes you sleepy for sure.

#15. A mother’s love towards her children is immeasurable.

#16. When you decide to take a picture, but the wind has other plans for you.

#17. Trying to annoy my boyfriend and it appears to be succeeding.

#18. Making sure that the wind does not blow me away.

#19. Probably the best shot ever.

#20. I’m too lazy and it’s cold.

#21. Wow, Nice place to travel.

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Image Credit & More Info; Ivan Kislov | ivankislov.ru | 500px | facebook