Raccoon Forms Sweetest Friendship With an Orphaned Deer

Carrie Long is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and last year she was informed of a baby raccoon in need of help. The baby raccoon’s mother had abandoned the 3-week-old baby and the creature was discovered holding on to its dear life during a rainstorm. Carrie decided to take the baby in even though she specializes in rescuing orphaned deer.

She maintains a nonprofit going by the name Texas Fawn and Friends. Carrie named the baby raccoon Jasper. At first, she was unsure as to whether the creature would survive, but owing to Carrie’s care and kindness, the baby was able to pull through. Though Jasper is now mature and more than free to live on his own, this raccoon has found it rather difficult to part from Carrie’s sanctuary for orphaned deer.

Currently, Jasper shares his home with 75 orphaned deer living under the care of Texas Fawn and Friends’ care. One special deer has managed to win Jasper’s heart and the raccoon is very fond of this orphaned deer named Hope. Hope also lost her mother when she was young. Now, Jasper ensures that Hope is never lonely. The raccoon loves Hope and runs over to her whenever he sees her.

The video footage of their bond is sure to warm your heart. From the looks of it, they appear to be having a nice time together. “He sees her every day. In the evening, she comes and lays next to him. They’ve got a cool relationship going on,” expressed Carrie.

This individual finds her work to be very rewarding and she expects to have more than 100 orphaned fawns under her care this year.

These poor creatures are sure to find a safe haven at Texas Fawn and Friends and are given a second chance at life.

Carrie, including her team, are dedicated to ensuring that the orphaned fawns survive. Let us all take a moment to appreciate their efforts and kindness. We also hope that the friendship between Hope and Jasper lasts for as long as they live.

Image Credit & More Info; Texas Fawn and Friends | facebook | texasfawn.com