Guy Notices Frog Living In Fence And Decides To Make Him A House

UnknownDazza, a TikTok user, recently observed a frog living in his fence and was concerned about the creature. Since the frog’s living conditions did not appear to be satisfactory and lacked protection, this human decided to help the tiny fella. UnknownDazza even went to the extent of naming the creature Frodrick.

This human came up with the idea to build a tiny frog house for Frodrick. He found the idea of building the wild frog a house, to be rather fun and challenging. After all, it would make the animal’s life better. UnknownDazza made use of a 3D printer in order to produce a house that could be placed perfectly on top of the fence that Frodrick was currently occupying. After the house was completed, it was then gifted to Frodrick.

However, the human was disappointed because the frog’s reaction was not what he had expected. “He hated it. After installing it, we checked on him a few hours later, and he’d moved out. Devastated!” UnknownDazza expressed. The human did not give up hope and thought of giving the creature some time to adjust to his new home instead of taking the house back and throwing it away.

This time UnknownDazza was not disappointed because a week later Frodrick finally decided to accept the idea of living in a house because it was a rainy day. The TikTok user had come home after dinner and had noticed the creature inside his new house, looking rather happy. After seeing Frodrick warming up to his new home and due to the feedback that he received from onlookers, UnknownDazza is now focusing on building a new and improved lodging.

Anyway, he made Fodrick a new house with a pool.

He hopes to present this new house to Frodrick in the near future. Till the work on the new project is completed he will have to be satisfied with his little house on the fencepost. We all hope that Frodrick does not move out before his new house is built and let us also take some time to appreciate what this caring human did for this tiny creature.

Image Credit & More Info; unknowndazza/Instagram | tiktok