Cat And Bearded Dragon Become Two Unlikely Best Friends

Charles is a female bearded dragon and Baby is an adorable white cat. These two are best friends despite their various differences. They are living proof that belonging to two different species is no obstacle when it comes to forming lifelong bonds. Even though it is possible for the cat to hurt the bearded dragon, this cat over here is dedicated to protecting Charles and keeping her safe. Instead, he prefers to cuddle her.

Charles is also a good friend to Baby and is there beside her friend whenever he is scared of thunder. The bearded dragon hugs her furry best friend gently in order to calm him down. Most of the time the two buddies can be observed snuggling together and enjoying each other’s company. At other times, they play outside, look through the window and guard their house.

There are times when Charles can be quite territorial. She once stole Baby’s bed and the white fur ball had to sleep in a box. When the two first met, their owner thought that Baby would attack Charles. However, the two ended up cuddling one another. This cat and bearded dragon have kept their individual differences aside and have decided to be best friends for life.

#1. Come here, let me give you a kiss.

#2. Cuddling with my best bud like.

#3. Why hire security guards when the both of us are right here?

#4. When you find the perfect spot to sleep on.

#5. Aren’t the two of us just adorable?

#6. Staring at each other like.

#7. What do you think you are looking at?

#8. Hanging out with my best bud.

#9. Showering my friend with love.

Ps; Baby the cat now lives with another three bearded dragons and two cats.

Image Credit & More Info; charles_the_dragon