The Woman Who Refused To Cut Her Hair Since She Was 5 Is Now In Her 30s And Looks Like A Real-Life Rapunzel

By. Thilini

Many women dream of having long and luscious hair. And there are some things that come in to play in terms of having long hair. The most important thing is that you need to be extremely patient, and also, you have to take very good care of your hair. And also, the genetics play a part too.

Image Credit & More Info: Alona Kravchenko

#1. Alena Kravchenko from Odesa, Ukraine is one of those who are blessed with long hair. She is 34-year-old and her hair is 6 foot (1.8 meters) long. She has been dubbed the real-life Rapunzel.

#2. She has been growing her since she was 5 and it was her mother who encouraged her. “From an early age, my mother instilled a love for long hair,” she told.

#3. She hasn’t cut her hair in almost 30 years, and despite her hair outgrowing her height of 5′6″ (1.68 meters)

#4. “My love for my braid is so strong that for a second in my whole life I did not think about a haircut. I cannot see and cannot imagine myself with short hair or dyed in a different colour!” she added.

#5. While it is true that it is hard to take care of such long hair, she says that it’s not that hard because she loves her hair.

#6. “It’s not hard for me with my hair, nor the constant care of them, it’s all a joy because this is part of me — my beauty and wealth!” she states.

#7. She says that she keeps her hair natural and uses products to nourish and nurture it.

#8. “The main thing that I never do: I don’t dry my hair with a hairdryer, I don’t use curling irons, I don’t comb my wet hair (they dry naturally), it’s all taboo. I wash my hair once a week, use natural masks, various types of oils to nourish my hair; the main care is professional cosmetics. I definitely use dried fruits, nuts, and homemade cottage cheese.”

#9. Her advice to you is that you have to love your hair. In order to have long and beautiful hair, you just need to really want and love what you do.”