Cats That Fell Asleep In The Weirdest Places!

By. Thilini

Cats are known for their naps with an average of 16 hours of sleep per day. With so much sleep time in their daily schedules, you would think that they know how to find the perfect spot to take a nap! Well, the answer is no. it looks like these kitty kitties are not so great at finding out where to fall asleep. In fact, it looks like they tend to fall asleep in the most random and inconvenient place. And here are some of the funniest pics!

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#1. What a place to fall asleep in!

#2. Molly DeVoss, a certified feline training and behavior specialist told that sleeping an average of 16 hours a day is an ambush strategy.

#3. This strategy consists of stalk, chase, pounce, catch and kill. Cats will eat about 10 small meals throughout a day, which equates to around six cumulative hours of daily hunting; they are sleeping to refuel their energy for the hunt.”

#4. However, if your indoor cat is asleep all the day, it is just out of boredom.

#5. And sometimes, it becomes a coping strategy in stressful situations.

#6. Or perhaps, it could be a sign of aging.

#7. DeVoss suggests that you keep an eye out for such signs because they might tell you that it is time to pay the vet a visit.

#8. And to us who find comfort in a fluffy bed, these sleeping places might seem a little weird.

#9. Cat behaviour expert Rita Reimers said that cats can actually sleep anywhere.

#10. They particularly like “sunspots, your bed, or tucking away in little quiet corners and cubbyholes.”

#11. Cat for sale!

#12. Such a cute little fella.

#13. Well, what a weird way to fall asleep.

#14. Here is a yoga cat.

#15. Longest cat in the world.

#16. Not a care in the world.

#17. Sleeping and swinging.

#18. Liquid cat.

#19. Like a little baby.

#20. Cat in a grill.

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