Couple Adopted An Orphaned Bear Morethan 25 Years Ago, And He Became A Family Member

By. Neluka

Svetlana and Yuriy Pantaleenko, a Russian couple adopted a 300lb bear named Stephan when he was only three years of age. He was an orphaned bear cub who was left all alone in a terrible condition until the couple decided to adopt him out of love and care. He is now a 7ft brown bear after more than 25 years and is still under the care of Svetlana and Yuriy.

Image Credit & More Info: | (h/t: dailymail | boredpanda)

Stephan has indeed grown up to be a very helpful and fun-loving bear. His interests include watching TV and assisting human beings by watering the plants in the garden.

To quote Mrs.Pantaleenko, “He loves people and is a sociable bear-despite what people might think, he is not aggressive at all. We have never been bitten by Stephan.” This was her impression of the cuddly bear that they looked after for 23 years now. Stephan loves condensed milk and a bowl of porridge just like the fable of ‘the three little bears’.

He was not only a sweet tooth but he gained his proteins by consuming around 25kg of fish, eggs, and vegetables every day. Just as much does he love to watch TV, he entertains himself by acting and posing for photoshoots. He enjoys physical activities too, like football to maintain his figure and physical well-being.

He loves to cuddle humans and enjoys picnics. Mrs. Svetlana finds him a miracle and a blessing, for, after all, she wonders how an omnivore could be so comfortable around humans and not be harmful.

Such sights are quite rare to hear of and here is a lovely story of a couple who lived and took care of a bear-like a son of their own.