Rescued King Penguin Loved Going To The Fish Market So Much That His Family Taught Him How To Buy Fish On His Own

By. Thilini

We all agree that penguins are adorable. However, not all of us would jump at the first chance to keep one as a pet. However, one Japanese family took the chance. In fact, back in the day having a pet penguin was very peculiar and journalists were lining up to get interviews with the family. In the ’90s, Real TV managed to make a short documentary about the penguin who is named Lola and lives in a small Japanese village.

#1. This is Lola the penguin.

#2. The documentary was made in 1996 when Lala was around 10 years old. She had a luxurious life with an airconditioned room and roamed around the streets of his town.

#3. One day the family took her to the market and she kept going back. The family then put a backpack on her and decided to let her go fishing in the market.

#4. It must have been a sight to behold for the villagers.

#5. And how did the family get Lola in the first place?

#6. Apparently, she was caught in a fire and injured. She was stuck in a fishing net. That is when the family came in; they took her in and nurtured her back to health.

#7. By that time, she was too attached to the family and didn’t want to leave them. So the family decided to keep her and give her a comfortable life.

#8. Sadly, Lola passed away; however, her memory will always remain.

Here is a video of Lola.

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