Woman Accidentally Gives Adorable Moose Family The Best Day Ever

By. Supuni

The moose is the largest and heaviest species belonging to the deer family. They are members of the New World deer subfamily. These animals are found in Canada, New England, Alaska, Poland, and Russia. The males have open-hand shaped antlers and this distinguishes them from the other members of the deer family. They generally inhabit boreal forests and temperate broadleaf and mixed forests in the Northern hemisphere. Its main food source consists of aquatic and terrestrial vegetation. Moose fall prey to humans, wolves, and bears.

These animals are solitary ones when compared to other deer species. Even though they are rather inactive creatures, they tend to get aggressive if they are startled or angered. Their mating season falls in autumn and is very competitive due to energetic fights between the males who are looking for a potential female mate. Moose travel between different habitats in order to adapt to the changing of seasons. They have great tolerance towards cold because they are thick-skinned, but display poor heat tolerance. Over the past few years, there has been a visible decline in their population due to climate change and activities such as hunting.

Emily Stull from Washington State was worried that someone was eating the apples growing outside her house and she was determined in getting to the bottom of this. It turned out that the culprits were none other than a family of moose. Then she came up with a plan to chase away these animals. Needless to say, her plan failed miserably in the most hilarious way possible. When the mother moose and her two kids appeared in her backyard, Emily turned on her sprinklers hoping to get rid of the moose family. Unfortunately what happened was the exact opposite. Much to Emily’s amazement, the moose family enjoyed the water and the two baby moose began to play among the sprinklers. Even though Emily failed to chase these animals away, she was at least able to capture some adorable footage and it is definitely worth watching.

Image Credit & More Info; Emily Stull | facebook