Stray Dog Uses Car Wash As A ‘Petting Machine’

By. Neluka

Petting dogs are not quite easy sometimes because once you start to pet them, they ask for more and more. Therefore, Linda, a stray dog found a new way of petting herself by using the mechanisms found at a car wash.

“Linda, a stray dog in Turkey, comes to the same car wash a couple of times a week to use the automatic petting machine”

Lately, a small clip of Linda, a stray dog was found where she was being patient for her turn at the car wash. At a glance, she immediately steps in and rubs her body up against the brush. She then gets a complete rub down and then strolls through the bristles so that she could get herself scratched well. To quote Joe Kahlo,

“The ring in her ear means that she’s a stray and has been spayed by the local shelter. The person in the video talks about her affectionately, they’re probably taking care of her.”

Most dogs like and are comfortable with being petted on the chest, shoulders, and the bottom of their neck. In addition, when petting these areas, reach in from the side, rather than moving your hand over the top of the dog’s head.

Individual dogs also have specific spots where they like to be petted. Common areas include the base of the tail, under the chin, or on the back of the neck where their collars are found. Most dogs don’t like being petted on top of their head and by their ears, legs, paws, and tail. Slow petting styles, similar to a gentle massage or light scratching, can calm them down.

Video Credit & More Info; youtube | hurriyetdailynews