Adorable Baby Rhino Wants People To Know How Big And Tough He Is

By. Supuni

No matter how small we are in size or age, we all love acting like we’re tough. The same goes for animals. Darren Sheer decided to go on a guided sightseeing tour in a wildlife preserve located in South Africa. It is there that he came face to face with a fearless individual. This individual was none other than a baby rhino. Although the baby was adorable, he made up for his lack in size through his confident personality. The Sheer family went on a safari and during this safari, they came across a mother rhino and her baby rhino in the road ahead of them.

The vehicle they were traveling in came to a stop in order to maintain distance from the two animals and ensure the safety of the travelers. Even though the mother rhino was walking at a slow pace the baby rhino decided to be rather rebellious. He broke away from his mother and charged towards the vehicle and its passengers. His aim was definitely to prove that he was tough. There is a very high probability that this baby rhino is going to grow up into a troublemaker. He doesn’t charge once but does this a few times hoping to scare off the humans.

Unfortunately, he failed at this because Darren found the whole incident to be heartwarming. Every time the baby rhino charges, he comes to a halt at a safe distance from the vehicle. No matter how tough you are, you got to give priority to your safety I guess. After all better safe than sorry. Finally, after his attempts to scare the humans failed, the baby rhino decided to change course and head off in another direction along with his mother. This incident reminded Darren of the special and unforgettable moments in his own family. Darren was with his family and the baby rhino was with his own family.

The video footage is sure to convince you that the baby rhino is cute even though his ultimate goal was to act tough.

Image Credit & More Info; instagram | latestsightings