Woman Finds A Box On Her Doorstep With A Wild Baby Boar Inside And Adopted Him

By. Thilini

Dora Wei is no stranger to wildlife. But when she opened her door to find a baby wild boar in a box, she was shocked, as expected.

“My gardener found her near my house in the early morning,” Dora said. “She was only a few hours old. She had been separated from her mom and was looking very cold.”

She was aware of the fact that the wild boar will not be able to survive on its own without a mother to tend for it and take care of it. So, she decided to make a little sleeping area inside and to keep the baby wild boar warm with the help of hot water bottles.

“I asked around about how to take care of wild boars, and everyone said it’s not easy if they are this young and that they always die without the mother, but we were determined to keep her,” said Dora.

“We read online that she would need to be fed every hour, so my boyfriend and I took turns sleeping in the living room with her for almost the first four weeks, feeding her every hour when she woke up and started crying.”

“It was really like taking care of a baby for us,” she added.

They named the wild boar “Yezhu”. And they were a little sceptical about how well it would get along with the four dogs but Yezhu had other plans!

“She would always want to be with them — especially the Labrador,” Dora said. “She would always want to follow him and lie down next to him or sit on him.”

“She’s really nice to all the dogs even though they do bark at her when she tries to steal their food. She really thinks she is one of them.”

“Yehzu” and the other have become inseparable now and they are seen paying and eating together all the time.

And it turns out that it is not possible to release the wild boar back into the wild because it is blind in one eye. When Dora figured this out, she and her boyfriend built her a house in the garden. And the house is complete with a pool for those hot days!

“Her favorite thing to do would be digging up the garden and dipping in her own little pool, and she loves getting belly rubs while she sleeps.”

“It was during a really hard and depressing time with the lockdown situation in the whole country when we found her,” Dora said. “She really did make us closer, and our life is more positive when we’re taking care of her and seeing her grow up.”

Image Credit & More Info; Dora Ngai/Instagram | H/T; thedodo