Woman Captured A Bald Eagle, A Wild Fox, And A Cat Lounging Out On Her Porch In Alaska

Even though eagles and foxes are a pretty common sight in Alaska, it is rare to see them hanging out together. It is even more rare to see eagles and foxes chilling together with domestic cats especially right outside the entrance to your house. However, Pam Aus was fortunate enough to witness this sight and also made sure that the rest of the world got the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this heartwarming moment.

This human shared a video on YouTube depicting a fox, bald eagle and her two cats having a bonding session on her porch. One fine day, as Pam was in her room, she was able to hear the cry of an eagle. This cry peaked up her curiosity and she decided to investigate as to where the sound was emanating from. When she reached the main door she was pleasantly surprised and equally shocked by the scene unfolding in front of her eyes.

The bald eagle was perched less than a meter away from Pam, while the fox sitting below stared at the human intently. The two creatures did not appear to be bothered by Pam’s presence. Gizmo, her social and outgoing cat, sat opposite to the eagle and fox. Meanwhile, Suitcase, Pam’s other cat was making his way through the snow with the purpose of entering the house.

From the looks of it, the fox wanted to move into Pam’s residence. The human even inquired the fox as to whether he wanted to come in. The video footage received thousands of views. The eagle and fox have since then made it a habit to visit Pam’s two cats.

We hope that this is merely the beginning of a chain of beautiful friendships. The animal kingdom is filled with the unlikeliest of friendships and this story is a testament to that.

Image Credit & More Info; ourPrime/Youtube