This Giant Humpback Whale Breached Out Of The Ocean While People Are Watching

Whale watching is one of the most breathtaking experiences as whales are majestic creatures living in the deep blue ocean waters. In most cases the whales put on quite the show to impress the audience, even leaving them speechless at times. When the Whale Watchers Sydney planned a tour, little did they expect to have a mesmerizing encounter with a humpback whale. The humpback whale breached a few meters away from the boat leaving the spectators in awe.

The rough weather that day worked in their favor for whales breach out of the water during times of bad weather. Even though other species also partake in breaching, humpback whales do it quite often. The actual reason as to why whales breach out is unknown.

However, some assume that it is to attract other whales, warn off males or to communicate. Generally, whales breach a few times, but these whale-watchers were fortunate enough to enjoy a show that lasted for nearly 1 1/2 hours.

The young whale was eager to impress the sightseers from the looks of it. “We may get a breach on 30-40% of all trips, but to see 90min non stop is quite special,” conveyed a Whale Watchers Sydney spokesperson.

Though humpbacks are ginormous, they are not the biggest whales belonging to the whale family. Humpbacks are half the size of blue whales. They can grow up to 18 meters long and weigh about 40 tons.

People had much to say about the video footage shared online and they simply loved the show as well. “Absolutely incredible, what wonderful memories, to be able to share this experience with this wonder of the sea,” Mary Miller commented. Imagine how exciting it would be to witness a whale breach just a few feet away from you.

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