Koala And A Wombat Becoming Best Buddies

Elsa, the koala, and Hope, the Wombat formed an everlasting bond. These two best friends reside in the Australian Reptile Park, which is located in Somersby, New South Wales.

This park is a very famous attraction in New South Wales but was unfortunately closed to visitors during the lockdown time. The only interactions that the animals residing there had were with their caregivers and the other animals. During this time period the wombat was kept in the koala enclosure whenever the caregivers cleaned her cage. This is how a friendship blossomed between Elsa and Hope.

Elsa, the koala, was born at the Australian Reptile Park and since her mother was experiencing mastitis she was raised by one of the caregivers. Hope, the wombat, was brought to the reptile park after she was rescued. Her mother was hit and killed by a car. Even though both the creatures were not lucky enough to experience motherly love, they both found solace in one another’s company. They soon became inseparable after spending time together.

“We were quite surprised to see the friendship forming! Although as a species, the wombat and the koala are related, it’s unusual to see them interact like this!” Rumsey, a zookeeper at the Australian Reptile Park expressed. Both animals are nocturnal and herbivores. Moreover, they are “both marsupials with pouches,” Rumsey conveyed. After the caregivers observed the affinity that the two friends shared, they ensured that Hope and Elsa were able to spend time with each other as much as possible. We hope that their friendship lasts for a really long time and that nothing separates them. The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze us and this friendship is a testament to that.

PS; Elsa is all grown up and has become a mum to two beautiful joeys and Hope has been returned to the wild.

Image Credit & More Info; australianreptilepark/Instagram | facebook | reptilepark.com.au