Woman Recorded How Foxes Sound When They’re Enjoying Belly Rubs

How would you respond if someone were to inquire you as to what foxes sound like? Such an inquiry might actually lead you to wonder about the noises foxes use to communicate. Fortunately for us, the SaveAFox group has given us the answer to this mind-boggling question.

This group shared video footage of the sound that foxes make when someone rubs their bellies and it’s absolutely adorable. The SaveAFox group comes to the assistance of pet foxes that were abandoned and foxes that were rescued from fur farms.

Similar to other animals, foxes too have sounds unique to them to communicate and express their feelings. The noise that they make depends on their species and comes in a wide range of vocalizations. Sometimes they might bark in a high-pitched howl or a screamy tone.

According to the video footage, these animals appear to be in a playful mood whenever their bellies are being scratched. Since the SaveAFox group shares many videos of the foxes under their care, they have been able to record many different sounds that foxes make. They even have a specific vocalization for when they call someone.

Mikayla, the founder of SaveAFox, spent years volunteering at animal shelters and serving helpless creatures. Her love for foxes led her to establish this organization and today SaveAFox is one of the biggest fox rescues in the USA.

The organization shares a ton of videos and photographs on its social media in order to encourage people to donate to their cause. Since the organization relies greatly on funds to continue its good deeds, the publicity gained through social media enables it to reach the masses. This non-profit rescue organization gives back to society for the donations received, through sharing videos and images of these adorable creatures.

Image Credit & More Info; Saveafox_rescue/Instagram | facebook | saveafox.org | youtube